New frontiers

It’s easy to ignore what’s right in front you when looking to apply yourself. But there’s so much value you can add today with what you already have, and what you’re already doing. Before seeking new frontiers invest in where you are. Have you done everything you can with your work? Your relationships? Yourself?

Whisper of the heart

Everyone is doing it. But, whose everyone? It’s often those who listen to their heart instead of the crowd that end up changing everything. The crowd is loud and the heart is quiet, but we can learn to listen.

It’s not easy

Anything worth doing is rarely easy. Whenever you’re thinking or being told something is easy, dig deeper. You’ll often find hidden assumptions and hubris. Sometimes we don’t know everything that’s involved. Sometimes we could be doing it better. And sometimes we’re in denial.

Remarkably fashionable

There are 6,000 tweets every second, hundreds of new TV shows and movies each year, and a practically endless catalog of books, articles, and blog posts. Everywhere we're inundated with people and businesses competing for our attention.

In the information age the only option is to ignore. What's remarkable and trustworthy is all that stands out. Whether making, saying, or selling it’s no longer enough to be the best. You must be remarkable. You don’t have to appeal to everyone, just the people that care. Be remarkable enough to become fashionable.

Start small

When beginning a new venture it's easy to be disheartened by those whose towers of success rise above the clouds. Standing at the bottom it's natural to feel small. But you have to remember, everything big was once just as tiny as you are now. Success is the sum of its parts. "Rome wasn't built in a day" as they say.

Celebrate being small. Small is nimble. Small is manageable. Small fits anywhere. And when things seem difficult, go smaller. Focus on your first customer, selling to one person instead of a whole market. If you can't break the project into steps, shrink the project. If you can't carry the weight, shed the load. Bite off something you can chew. Start small every day and you'll never need to go big.

Time is not money

Time is priceless. You only get one life (that you remember). If you had all the money in the world you wouldn’t have enough time to do everything. We tend to think about how we can accumulate more money, but it might be more valuable to think how you can accumulate more time. Time for the things that matter most.

Investing in leisure

Production and consumption aren’t mutually exclusive. You can create your own meals instead of eating out, and learn to cook in the process. Learn about a new subject that interests us, by reading instead of watching TV. Relax by growing a garden, instead of playing games. Next time you find yourself going nowhere, think about how you can take it somewhere. We can invest in our future with our leisure, and produce when we consume.

Choosing optimism

Glass half full or half empty? It’s your choice. We can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose how to react. Our minds are shaped by what we focus on. When we think positively the world opens up with possibilities otherwise ignored. It’s not always easy, but it’s rewarding. And like anything we practice it gets easier.

The blog will set you free

You can have a news feed free of algorithms, ads, and bots by subscribing to blogs with an RSS reader. RSS is a standard format that allows anyone to read website updates like blog posts, using the apps they prefer. I use Feeder to read over 100 blogs in one place.

You can have your own blog, where nobody restricts what you say or how you say it. You can speak directly to everyone — not only the people on Twitter or Facebook. It’s free and it’s easy. I built readwrite to make it even easier.

I’m free from the noise of social media. My blog is my “timeline” and my “profile.” The blogs I read every day are my “news feed.”

Surprises are priceless

Little things can go a long way, especially surprises. People treasure the experiences that punctuate the monotony of daily life. The unexpected transforms a small gift into a larger one, and the mundane into excitement. Whether in business or relationships, good surprises are priceless and rarely forgotten.