Tests failed us. Why workshops won’t.

The future of education is not moving tests online. It’s no tests at all. The future of education is workshops.

Teachers as mentors, not lecturers and truancy officers. Exercises instead of lectures. Peers instead of tests. Projects instead of grades.

Workshops are self-directed. There’s a schedule to the exercises, but enough room for people to go at different paces. Students work in the open, learning from each other. Students are encouraged to collaborate, not punished as cheaters. Students compete by seeing what’s possible.

After completing a workshop, you have a project to show for it – not a score. After completing a workshop, you have an alumni network to draw on.

Workshops are about learning to do great work, instead of learning to pass a test. Workshops are the future of education.

Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert, explains the problem with education in more detail in his talk at RSA.