We’re all meant to be entrepreneurs

Humans have always been problem solvers. The human spirit is the entrepreneurial spirit, and we’ve been contributing by creating for thousands of years. Our potential lies somewhere beyond us, driven by our limitations and the possibility of exceeding them. But we’ve been brainwashed to think otherwise. Brainwashed by school, by our parents, by our boss. We’ve learned to accept less because of our fears. Because it’s safe. Because we’re told to.

Tension is felt when we’re told to do things and how to do them. We know when we do the work our boss will give us more, and more of the same. The boss gets better at pushing and we get better at resisting. We learn to do the bare minimum and it stifles us.

But that’s not who we are. When given the space and opportunity our creativity is unleashed. Economists point out that most jobs come from new firms not existing firms, from small business not big business. The world is best served by you learning to be your own boss, to solve interesting problems, to do it your own way. To learn to be a leader and start your own endeavor.

We’re all meant to be entrepreneurs.